the goalie next door

a standalone sports romance for diehard hockey fans...or those who appreciate a romance between a regular gal and a super duper sexy professional athlete


About the book:

He asked me to help him pick out towels before I even knew his name.

And once I did, it still didn’t mean anything.

To me, Cal Fournier was my smoking hot new neighbor with the cute accent and the even cuter dog. To the rest of my city, he was our hockey club’s only hope at a run for the cup.

I don’t want to be in the spotlight, but when he makes a run for my heart, it’s impossible to keep away.

The Goalie Next Door is a standalone romantic comedy especially for those who think bar down might be something that happens after a pub crawl and a biscuit is a delicious flaky pastry.

Release Date: fall 2019

The Goalie Next Door will be part of the Kindle Unlimited program after a brief wide release.

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  • Younger man, older woman

  • Neighbors romance

  • Super adorable dog (okay, this isn’t a trope, but c’mon, puppies!)

  • Sports

  • Hockey


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