Hi there, I’m Olivia Aycock. I write the kind of romance that I want to read…

and the kind you do too!

about olivia

I absolutely love reading—I’ve been reading romance novels since I had to sneak them from the library in sixth grade.

And as much as I adore getting swept away in a lush family saga or an elaborate rom-com, these days I rarely have an entire afternoon to read that can’t-put-it-down story…and I always end up regretting it when I start a new book before I go to bed. (Girlfriend needs her beauty sleep!)

So I started writing the kind of romance novels I need—and my bookworm girlfriends agreed: short, romantic, sometimes over-the-top, frequently steamy, and always with some laughs.

An Olivia Aycock book will make you enjoy the spark.

My books won’t leave you with a book-hangover the next day because you stayed up waaaaay past your bedtime reading. But they will leave you with that happy-sigh you get when you read a great HEA.

An Olivia Aycock book celebrates the spark of two people falling in love, will likely make you laugh out loud, and [spoiler alert] might leave you needing an extra-large iced coffee because, ooh, they can get a little steamy.


short, romantic, sometimes over-the-top, frequently steamy, and always with some laughs…


That’s the unofficial about Olivia. Here’s the official bio:

Olivia Aycock writes romance with a blend of humor and heat. Her characters might be urban sophisticates or have sweet southern style. No matter the setting, you can always expect an emotionally satisfying ending.

You can find Olivia wherever tea and sugar cookies are plentiful…and sometimes on social media. 

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