from london with love

a collection of two expat romances


About the book:

Sometimes you have to leave home to fall in love…

This collection of two romantic holiday novellas follows the Powell sisters as they leave sunny Southern California for the expat life in London. Hijinks and hilarity—and HEAs for all—ensue.

SoCal native Ashley Powell would be thriving as an expat in London were it not for the bitter cold—and a brutal infatuation with her co-worker, the super uptight Oliver Wooldridge-Langston. His manners are so perfect, and he’s so out of her league, he might as well be Prince Harry! But when he invites her to celebrate a Friendsgiving holiday weekend at his oldest chum's country manor, she discovers a scene ripe for seduction. The only question: just who will be seducing whom?


Leaving behind sunny SoCal and an offer of employment from a respectable regional museum, Emily Powell has followed her older sister to live the expat life in London. But when her plans for New Year’s Eve in the city fall through, Emily crashes the house party her sister and her new boyfriend are attending—only to discover them in flagrante at a secret sex party. Mortified, she flees to the only open pub in town, but wouldn’t you know, just shy of midnight, Emily stumbles upon her own dirty little secret in the form of one very sexy Irish artist...

Indulge and Dazzle are together for the first time in the From London with Love boxed set.

Release Date: June 29, 2019

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